Scarborough memories

We are collecting fabulous Scarborough memories from you .. the people who make Scarborough even more special. So what’s yours? Tell us of a special moment in Scarborough and how it made you feel, and we’ll put it on this page. Share the Scarborough magic :-)

Your special Scarborough memories

fell in love with scarborough in the 70s when I was a teenager. ive had many happy holidays since. loved the north bay outdoor pool with the huge water slides, zoo and marineland, mr marvels amusement park. I still enjoy feeding the ducks and geese in peasholm park and riding on the miniature railway to the sealife centre. great fun on the open top buses to the south bay. chips, ice-cream, candyfloss, its all part of the great british seaside holiday. looking forward to my next visit !!!
Eleanor, Helensburgh

My Scarborough memory was from 1980, I was 19 and had just got married to my husband in August of this year. We had very little spare cash as we had just bought our first home but managed to afford a weeks stay at the Alton Hotel (now made into flats) on Blenheim terrace. I remember the floral Hall had Russ Abbott appearing that week and our favourite thing was to go on the Peasholm boating lake and on the evening go around the tree walk, which was lovely all lit up. We walked from the North side to the South around the sea front for a couple of days until we found the short cut past the church yard where Anne Bronte is buried, but the walk back uphill was hard work! We have been married 31 years this year and Scarborough is now our favourite place to go with our two grandchildren. Scarborough is timeless, varied and will always be our special place. My favourite view is from holbeck road looking down across the Spa, aroung to the quay, on a warm sunny day it’s a little bit of heaven.

L Hagues, York

We had our honeymoon in Scarbrough 48 years ago and have been many many times since, to the cricket or just a few days away we love it

Gwen R, Selby

Meeting my wife while studying in Scarborough then taking our son on his first holiday to Scarborough.

Craig L, Norwich

After spending 2 freezing days in a caravan, we decided to upgrade to the Paragon for the rest of our holiday. Was a lovely place to stay, friendly, welcoming & WARM! Loved to watch the sea & our little boy loved the Ice Cream!!

Chris C

We visited Scarborough in 2008 and had tea at the Francis Tea Rooms on South Street. My daughter lived above the tea room while studying in Scarborough that year. What a great place–the sands, the spa, the sea, the castle, St. Mary’s church, the Esplanade, the gardens, fine dining, friendly pubs, the harbor, the Cleveland Way, the North Yorkshire Moors, the salt air, the cry of the gulls–I could go on and on about how wonderful it was. I look forward to when we can return!

Judy (Birmingham)

We’d never been to Scarborough and one new year’s day (1994 I think) we drove here on a whim.
As we drove under Spa Bridge the police closed the road behind us. As we drove along the front we realised why .. the sea was so high it was flooding into Corrigans.
We parked on Eastborough and came back to watch the sea move parked cars into the middle of the road.
It was then, stood with a community watching this chance event, we fell in love with Scarborough. Not very long after, we moved here.

Ali, Nottingham

Walking round Marine Drive through thick fog at night. It was so eerie. I couldn’t see more than two metres and it was silent apart from a few restless gulls and the sea making thick ‘gloop’ sounds – and the occasional moan of the fog horn.

Jo, Rotherham

After doing my cycling proficiency at nine years old I headed straight down to the beach because I could! .. I live here :)
Gaby, Scarborough

Getting lost wandering around town (the sea seems to be on all sides), finding the back of the Talbot (now council offices) and being given free (out of date) peanuts and realising that ‘we could live here’.
John, Derby

Why, staying at your lovely hotel of course! The sea, the magical castle, the history round every corner. It’s easy to imagine all the characters that passed through there years ago. No other seaside place feels quite the same, summer or winter.

Amanda, Scunthorpe

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